Ceara VS Fortaleza Tips - 10/06/2021

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Ceara VS Fortaleza Tips

Match Time:6/11/2021 06:00 Friday (GMT+8)

Brasil Cup -- Ceara VS Fortaleza


Team’s Details

1. In the past 2 games, Ceara got 1 win and 1 loss, ranking 11th in the league with 3 points. Ceara is a general team in Brazil Serie A League and they are not so strong at home field. In the past 10 home games, they got 6 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses, their home win rate is 60%, AH win rate is 50%, over rate is 40% and the odd rate is 40%.

2. In the past 2 games, Fortaleza got 2 wins, ranking 1st in the league with 6 points. Fortaleza have good performances this season and they are strong at away field. In the last 8 away games, they kept the unbeaten record with 6 wins and 2 draws. Their away win rate is 75%, AH win rate is 62.5%, over rate is 37.5% and the odd rate is 62.5%.

3. In the past 10 games between two teams, Ceara got no advantage with 3 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses.

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Match Analysis

In the last 2 times they met, no one win the game. Both of them are not sure to win this game. In this case, we think this game will be a draw game again.


free soccer predictions for today Prediction: Draw


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